Jonathan Bomser interviews Judy LeGrand, PhD

Interview with Judy LeGrand PhD, Founder of LeGrand Coaching, Holistic, Energy & Mindset Coach discussing her practices. Interviewed by Jonathan Bomser of


Judy is an incredible coach and energy healer. She has been featured in the Joliet Herald News and the Positive Experience show and is the CEO and Founder of LeGrand Coaching. She is compassionate with the ability to connect with anybody, no matter where they are in their life.

Judy works with clients to assist in the development of their personal goals and dreams by eliminating old belief patterns and bad habits that have been buried deep down into their subconscious mind. Judy then guides her clients to their own awareness of inner talent and gifts to attain personal joy and a successful life that they deserve.

Her love and passion for people and making the world a better place is the force behind her intentions and she believes so deeply in the Law of Attraction and the power of manifesting that she attracts clients who get the results they desire. Judy’s accomplishments include; A PhD  in Metaphysics, by the University of Metaphysical Sciences, Certified Quantum Healing expert, and Reiki
Master. She is also affiliated with world renowned partners in the personal development industry, and is now a successful Life Coach.

Her energetic passion for life is what separates her from the crowd – a perfect blend of energy, compassion, and leadership. Because of her dedication to personal growth and her life journey, she promotes wellness, happiness, and success in all areas of people’s lives.

“By having the ability to see your inner truth, I can personally guarantee that this process will not only change your life, it will open doors to possibilities that you never imagined before…”~ Judy LeGrand

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