About Us

LocalMoo.com was conceived with one thing in mind to connect travellers going to a destination with locals at the destination to find out local information to make a holiday, business trip or day trip a more enjoyable one.

Our founder was travelling to Berlin, Germany with his girlfriend.  He was concerned as neither one had ever been to Germany.  Prior to their trip, they sat on the sofa for hours Googleing "Berlin", "Activities in Berlin", "Best neighbourhoods in Berlin", etc. They read blogs, Trip Advisor reviews, forums, read Hotels.com reviews, Facebook posts and everything inbetween. THERE WAS NOBODY to ask follow-upquestions to. They went to Berlin "thinking" they knew something about the city. Boy o Boy were they in for a surprise. Although the hotel was beautiful it was in a neighbourhood that was far removed from what they liked to do activity-wise. They found themselves in taxis every day, several times a day. They asked local Berlin-ites their opinions based on them describing what they like to do. They ended up having a fantastic time, but found out all of their information from local people, taxi driver's and random visitors in Berlin. Nothing meaningful or local was provided by their hotel concierge. Hence a lightbulb went off ... and LocalMoo.com was born.

All of our LocalMoo'er are either living in, have extensive knowledge of, or have experiences to share for any and all locations around the globe.

If you want to know about anything local in the destination you are travelling to such as:

  • Places to stay
  • Local events
  • Local pubs, bars, and restaurants
  • Attractions
  • The best museums, art galleries, exhibits
  • Neighborhood information
  • Local foodie events
  • And anything "local"

Local Information From Local People
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