FAQ's for Sellers

What is a Moo'er?
A person who loves to give information about their city, town, local!

What is LocalMoo?
LocalMoo.com was conceived with one thing in mind to connect travellers going to a destination with locals at the destination to find out local information to make a holiday, business trip or day trip a more enjoyable one.

How do I use LocalMoo?
We have a great guide explaining how to use LocalMoo that you can see here.

How do I become a LocalMoo Expert? 
We explain the best way to do this in our guide that you can find here.

How do I make my page awesome?

How do I promote my own page?







You can click the "Promote my page" link in your profile dashboard. You can also go to your profile and copy the URL and place it on all of your social media accounts such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

You can also put your link in your email signature so everytime you email someone your signature shows your profile link.

The more you promote yourself the more money you make.

How do I offer "Add-on" services?







How do I know someone wants to connect with me? 
You will receive a notification at the email you signed up with that there is a "Conversation Waiting".

How does a conversation end? 
Once a buyer is done asking all the questions they need answered they will click the "I'm satisified with the answers. Pay the Moo'er." Button. You will then get notified via email or in your account  that the conversation has ended, and you will get paid.

How long does it take to get paid once the conversation ends? 
When the conversation ends you will request a withdrawl of funds. It takes 5 days for the money to be sent to your PayPal account. We have a hold period for security reasons.

Can I end a conversation if I've give more than enough information? 
Yes, click the "Request to end conversation" button in the conversation area of your profile.

Can I sign up for multiple cities? 
Yes, if you have knowledge of many cities feel free to place them in your profile. Go to "Edit my services" in your profile dashboard. Go to "What locations do you feel you can provide information to tourists?" and enter as many cities as you'd like.

How do I upload a video of myself? 
Take any video and upload it to Youtube.com. Copy and paste the URL link in your profile in the "Upload Photos and Videos" section.

How do I rotate my profile image?

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