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My favorite things about my cities

The layers to NYC are my favorite, the seen and unseen. What I have seen change and what has changed long before me. The stories that were told to me by my grandmother and now the ones I tell to my daughter. The glimpses and tastes of the stories that are still here, still being made. I like Fine and Shapiro, old school Jewish Deli just as much as the waterside cafe along the Hudson just below West Sixty Eighth Street . To sit and watch the sunset eating a greasy burger, slurping a little white wine.

Love of the subway, the sour soul in the underbelly of the city, love of the sunset light pouring through the brownstone caverns. Love of Fairway on the Upper West Side, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge early in the morning. Love of the Jamaican eateries in East Flatbush, the windy roads of Central Park.

Of course, there is the Isamu Noguchi museum out in Astoria. That's a cool little out of the way, slightly unusual thing to do. What else do I know? Walking straight across Brooklyn on Flatbush Avenue, and watching all the neighborhoods change like orbs possessing entire countries.

The streets, the city, the food, the people. A museum here or there. Sitting still on a park bench and watching it all go by. The stillness in contrast to the rush.

These are a few of my favorite things. That John Coltrane played that tune and lived in NY and wrote a song about Central Park West. The depth of history from all these angles and the aesthetic textures. The poem of NYC each day.

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