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My favorite things about my cities

Cork - I love the city centre, St Patrick's Street in particular. Cork is a great place to visit and to spend vacations as you have the city centre with great places for shopping and great restaurants and pubs. But you are also close to historical/cultural sites such as the Blarney Castle. Moreover, I love Cork's position as it is close to so many other smaller towns.
Milano - there is one thing you cannot miss in Milan and that is the Duomo. If you are only there for a couple hours, forget about the shopping and go take look at the inside of the Duomo and most importantly go on the roof of it where you'll have a fantastic view of the whole city.
Como - my absolute favourite city year-round. The walk along the lake is one of the nicest things, and during spring and summer, the villas (such as Villa Olmo and Villa Carlotta) are definitely worth seeing.
Dundee - it's mainly a student city during the academic year, I am a student there myself! 'The Law (hill)' is a great place to go in the evening or during a sunny day and you'll have a great view of the whole city. You can either walk up there or drive. Also, Dundee is in a strategic point being close to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and St Andrews

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