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In Arusha! people are friendly, welcoming, unassumingly proud! you will be treated with uncommon worth and courtesy wherever you go and genuinely friendships are easily made. Upon your arrival you will hear "Karibu" which means "welcome". Wherever you go in Arusha, you will hear "Mambo" which means "Hi", you should reply by saying "Poa". It’s an immensely rewarding place to visit; Landing here gives you a chance to visit some of the most popular destinations and participate in some of the most popular activities in the whole of Africa.

Explore the local nature and wildlife in Arusha (Northern Tanzania)

You know those wildlife documentaries about Africa, the ones that seem fictitious and more like a Disney film? The camera panning out to see hundreds of thousands of wildebeest dotting a grass plain; close up shots of a lion pride effortlessly taking down a zebra; elephants wandering across immense open landscapes, no sight of roads or mankind anywhere. Well, that is the Serengeti. At times it feels fictional. You pinch yourself as it becomes apparent that places like this still exist and you quickly learn that the documentaries offer only a glimpse at what happens in the Serengeti. Here in Serengeti National Park is the only place where you will be able to witness the great wildebeest migrations.

Arusha is also a home to Ngorongoro Crater (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) Tarangire and Lake Manyara (Here is the only place where you can see the tree climbing lions)

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