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My favorite things about my cities

I am a licensed NYC Tour Guide with vast and extensive knowledge on transportation, history, local culture, dining, local sports, museums, sightseeing, landmarks, current events , hidden treasures, parades and festivals.
More than anything else I love to help visitors navigate around a city that can often be a bit overwhelming and intimidating. Timing often is everything so there is a good and a bad time to do certain things in the city especially when it comes to popular venues like the Empire State Building , Museum of Natural History and The Museum of Modern Art. I help visitors find the best and cheapest way to buy Broadway tickets and discover free entertainment and festivals. Often some of the best things to do in NYC are free like walking over the Brooklyn bridge. It's important to know what places and neighborhoods are best to avoid at certain times and how to plan your day to get the most enjoyment possible with the least amount of hassle. I also like to direct tourists to the best publications and newspapers to find out what's currently going on and where to go.
With a little bit of help visitors to NYC can fully enjoy their time no matter what the age or the wish list.

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