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When flying to Kenya Nairobi is perfect starting point for traveling to various part of the country. Its located centrally with an international airport and converging road network connecting to various part of the county. International airline fly to Nairobi from various country .Europe, The united States, Asia, The middle East and other places. Its also the main airline hub to most other African countries and also the main railway line passes through the city .being a capital city of Kenya Nairobi life is a bustle of activities nairobian juggle work, and personal and family obligation while still find time to enjoy .for local a typical weekend in Nairobi I'd very busy from businesses function, sporting activities and recreational activities,, to family wedding, barbecue and church event its always busy. Shopping in Nairobi is fun easy convenient and safe .with plenty of modern shopping Moll's, grocery, open air market. Convenience stores and supermarket located throughout the city you will find enough choice to fit your budget. Great place to dine range from fast food restaurant to restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Kenyan cuisine. Across the city their are plenty of regular and fine dining venue. You will enjoy Chinese, Japanese, Indian, American, French Europe friar and more .at night Nairobi life is bustles with activities. You can enjoy a night in a club , watch a movie or have dinner in fine restaurant. Accommodation range from one star to five star hotel

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