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My favorite things about my cities

Limerick has amazing ancient treasures, tonnes of local flavour, crazy interesting history and natural treasures closeby! (Second largest stone circle in Europe, Viking history, on the Shannon, etc etc etc)

Dublin was once the most cosmopolitan city in Europe--there's loads to see that shows up on the tour books, but there is so much not in the books. Don't miss it! (Quirky tours, 5k year old bog people, night life, big in Irish history, etc etc etc).

Los Angeles is amazing and unlike any other city, but don't go on your own--you'll need a local to help you find all the really good stuff that will make you never want to leave.

Lancaster is great for aerospace and poppy enthusiasts. It even has one of two singing roads in the world!

On a Budget
If you are on a budget, I have found many easy ways to save a LOT and not miss a thing!

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