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My favorite things about my cities

In my opinion Galway is the best city in Ireland if you want to make fun. All summers, there are many people who travel around Ireland and everybody say that it is amazing this green Island. Cork and Dublin are great too but in a different way. They are cities with a lot of buildings and parks to visit.
If you want to enjoy the weather... you do not have any excuses!! Go to Spain!! sightseeing, sunny days, sunbathing, TAPAS, beach, sea ... everything sound great :). Even you can enjoy the buildings, museums ...
London... the capital of Europe with amazing buildings, theatres and museums...look at the sky and you will see the LONDON EYE or BIG BEN and more fantastic buildings.
Italy...The country which makes the best pizzas and pastas in the whole world. Do you want to try it? Go there!!! There are fantastic cities in this beautiful country, like the Bella Roma. You will see the COLISEUM or different squares like PIAZZA SPAGNA or PIAZZA NAVONA or the most incredible building that you will be able to see in your life ... FONTANA DI TREVI ( at leat it is my point of view).

Do not hesidate to contact me for futher information about any cities or places that you would like to visit. :)

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