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My favorite things about my cities

Having gotten to know Dublin city over the past few years, I can share with you all it's hidden gems and spots I enjoy. Being an avid commuter, I know the city back to front and have the public transport system down to a tee. Whether it's the natural surrounding areas & coasts of County Dublin or the coffee shops of it's city-centre Georgian streets, I know how to make a trip to Dublin fully realised & enjoyed to the fullest. Whatever your interest, from the Architecture nerd to the History Buff, from the Boozy Backpacker to the High-culture vulture, Dublin has plenty to offer.

Ich kann Deutsch auch sprechen aber leider bin ich nicht fleißig! Natürlich, kann ich Rat über dem Stadt anboten und Aktivitäten empfehlen. Ich hoffe dass ich deine Dublin-Erfahrung verbessern!

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