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My favorite things about my cities

There are many things I enjoy about the cities I named, some our for city life, some are for night outings, some are spiritual, some are tourest towns, some have lakes and some have amusement parks. I have traveled coast to coast and lived in many states so even if one youre looking for is not mentioned above I very well may have information desired. There are hiking trails, night life, quiet areas, camping, cabins, water holes to play in, there are jeep tours, casinos, shopping, the Alamo, boardwalks, tubing down rivers, concerts and much much more. These cities above have so much to love within their boarders and many are close to one another and can be explored in one trip depending on interest and length of said trip.

If I dont have the answer you desire there is no doubt I will get you the information you seek in a timely and proficient manner.

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