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My favorite things about my cities

Cork is one of the best counties in Ireland or is the best county but that is up to you to decide!
Cork City is packed full of bar's and restaurants with a great night life.
The City has plenty of landmarks within walking distance of each other.
There are great places to eat with a variety of Street Food, Fast Food, Bar Food and fine dining. What ever you desire Cork has it, the only advice you need is to know the right places to go to.
Bars and clubs in Cork are great you will have a good night if you go to the right places but first of all you make your own fun.
If you are person in to sightseeing there is plenty to see in Cork, you can visit Blarney Village and Kiss the Blarney Stone in the enchanted Blarney Castle. If you are into the History of Cork you can do the Cork City Tour on the Tour Bus. Why not take a trip to the Old Woman's Goal have a guided tour or have speaker phones and listen to the tails as you view the prison. If you are person in to the more creepier side you can book the Old Woman's Goal for a night tour. Fitzgerald's Park in the city is a beautiful park with a beautiful garden full of statues and not to forget the famous shaky Bridge (Daly's Bridge). The Beamish Factory is a must if you come to Cork, why not try the Irish Stout Beer severed fresher than you'l get in the pub. Cork also has Churches you should visit as they are absolutely beautiful some are over a couple of hundreds years old and untouched. Find out more and pop me an email.

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