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My favorite things about my cities

What I love most about New York (and what I feel most tourists strive to do when visiting) is to find yourself in a situation, a moment, in which you are convinced you have stumbled upon an experience you could have nowhere else and would not have been privy to had you made the bold decision to step off the beaten path. The adage that New York is the city, a lady if you will, that never sleeps isn't quite true but if you want to know she lets her hair down and gets a bit weird... if you want to have that sort of night you know you'll never really be able to accurately paint a picture of to the friends and family not present because you "had to be there" to truly take in the surreality of it all.. I'm the guy you want to ask. Need to know where the good drinks and treats are? I've a few places in mind. Need to know where to find the speakeasies worth the visit and the show's that blow Broadway out of the water? I'd love to point you in the right direction. I like to think of myself as friendly, adventurous, open minded, and well spoken. So if you just need want a recommendation on good food or where to find the weird, please feel free to reach out anytime.

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