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My favorite things about my cities

With both Belfast and Galway you are only a hop and a skip away from some of the most stunning places in Ireland. Both cities boast great night life and wonderful eatery's.

Belfast is the city of my birth and its as edgy as it is delightful. It has some of the best bars in Ireland catering for all types of evenings. It boast historical tours, from the world renowned Titanic tours to the political tours of the city. Belfast is also a good jumping of point to visit the rest of Ulster whether you travel north up the Antrim coast or south towards Strangford Loch and the Mourne mountains Belfast is definatley worthy of a visit

Galway is one of the most relaxed cities in Ireland. For such a small place it always has a feeling of excitement as if you are on the verge of something great. Galway is the gateway to both Conamera and the Burren. From Galway the West of Ireland is there for the taking. With its wonderful landscapes, empty beaches, picturesque villages and some of the best surfing in the Atlantic.

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