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My favorite things about my cities

Amazing weather, Amazing Nature and Skies.


City O’City – This is probably my favorite restaurant in Denver. If you love food, get the Southwestern “Chicken” and Waffles and thank me later.

Steuben’s -Another one of my favorite places, I always suggest Steuben’s as a brunch spot instead of waiting in line at Snooze. Their green chili cheeseburger is SO good.

Zengo – My favorite brunch in town, hands down. Zengo serves Latin/Asian fusion and UNLIMITED brunch (meaning all the food and drinks you can handle)!

Benny’s – A true classic Mexican resturants. Their crispy chili rellanos with green chili are what dreams are made of.

Santiagos – Two of the most beautiful words in the English language: breakfast burritos.

Snooze – If you’ve got the time to wait in line, and you love pancakes, Snooze is your spot.

VooDoo Donuts – There are tons of VooDoo shops now, but it’s still worth a stop. They have unique flavors and vegan options! Remember to take cash since they don’t accept cards.

Lola – Delicious Mexican food, tableside guac, and live music on Sundays. If that’s not enough to entice you into going, I’m not sure what else I can do.

Linger – Linger got its name because it’s in an old mortuary called Olingers. But the food is most definitely not dead (pun intended), and the rooftop view is awesome.

Little Man Ice Cream – After Linger, head to Little Man next door for dessert.

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