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My favorite things about my cities

Portland is a true foodie's paradise. I just savored a maitake mushroom egg scramble with fresh organic ingredients I bought at my local farmer's market this weekend. I walk four or five blocks from home, and can dine in a French, Hawaiian, Chinese, Thai, Korean or Peruvian restaurant...whatever my heart...and palate...desires. Yes, we have famous donut and ice cream shops with international acclaim and buzz and lines you can stand in for hours if that's what turns you on, but really good food and amazing dining experiences abound in hole in the wall cafes and food cart pods as well. When it comes to filling your belly, Portland will make you want to extend your stay at least another week...yes, we are that tempting and delicious! And I haven't even touched on our liquid empire! Microbrews, award-winning wines and spirits, hard cider, mead and kombucha oh my! Many local breweries offer taprooms in town, with wonderful grub to go with your chilled mug or goblet or shot glass of potent potables. Once your appetite and thirst are tamed, there is this great jewel city of the Northwest to explore. Downtown Portland is surprisingly compact, and walking tours will reveal that you can cover a great deal of ground and sites in the city proper in a single day. We have fabulous public transportation. You can hop on light rail and visit our outstanding Oregon Zoo, the recently renovated Japanese Garden and the nearby Washington Park Rose Test Gardens. So much to see & do!

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