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My favorite things about my cities

My favorite thing about my cities is the culture! There are so many fun cultural and entertainment events out here. The food is amazing and the city is full of interesting and unique people. I am a stand up comic and I perform a lot out here, so ask me about the local comedy scene! If you are a comedy nerd and want to check out a show, let me know! Or, if you want to try stand up for the first time, I am non-judgmental(there is no shame in not being perfect, none of us are), understanding, and I can help! I can also take you out to a great mic to try for the first time. What can be a more exciting L.A. experience? If that is not your thing, there is a ton of other great stuff out here I can tell you about. Don't be shy-Reach out! I am looking forward to connecting with you!

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