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My favorite things about my cities

Having grown up in the quieter Sydney suburbs, I absolutely love that Sydney has so many different experiences to offer. Whether you’re wanting to experience iconic landmarks and sights of the bustling city, the melting pot of cultures and flavours from all over the world or to relax among the picturesque backdrop of the Blue Mountains, there’s something different for everyone.

Sydney's food scene has so much to offer, and I will happily indulge in a lengthy discussion about good food as it is my passion. Having taken numerous food tours around Sydney, working in the food industry and being involved in the food media, I can give you plenty of recommendations for not only unique dining experiences and what's on right now (we have heaps of food festivals and events throughout the year!). .

As an experienced tour guide, I'm super knowledgeable about this city and have plenty of recommendations and handy tips up my sleeve that you won’t find online! Regardless of what you're after, I can certainly assist with planning your trip to make sure you’ll have an unforgettable time in Sydney!

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