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My favorite things about my cities

The best parts of San Francisco ones that require some hide & seek.

Sure, San Francisco's a lovely city and you'll have fun no matter what you do, but spend a little time looking in the right direction and you'll find a secret that's whispered in the dark, guiding you to a staircase that's tucked in the back of an alley, which brings you to a curtain, which opens to reveal a rainbow, which leads to a pot of gold... those are my favorite parts, the ones that make every hue a bit more vivid, that leave you wondering out loud "did that really happen?"

Go beyond the typical tourist stops to find out for yourself!

But even if you don't want to go too far beyond the basics, San Francisco is a city of wonder. The history, the food, the hills, the views... and my favorite, the quirky people. Every era has added its own color to the mural of the city: from the current "maker" movement and technology entrepreneurs, to the hippies during the summer of love, to the wild realities of the beatnik movement, to the greed & shenanigans of the gold rush... all the way back to the native Ohlone tribes the originally lived in this area. It's a city worth leaving your <3 in!

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