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My favorite things about my cities

Welsh cities have their own distinctive traditions, local pride and all historically different. They all remain Welsh in character and proud of their rich history be it historically or sporting. They have all adopted well over the centuries to assimilate so many different communities but in time becoming Welsh.

All have different dialects, history points and regional food. Local legend and myths are still remembered and all have decent museums and galleries to visit - all having a distinctive Welsh flavour.

Local traditions, food and drink are still of paramount importance with local festivals still thriving. All have local football, rugby, cricket teams and local derbies are not to be missed!

History can be seen all around - most cities grew during the Industrial Revolution with most being only small towns or villages before then. At the local museums you can see how the ports steadily grew and villages quickly becoming important ports serving Welsh coals to most parts of the World. Welsh coal became well known throughout the world.

The Welsh language is still thriving in these cities and towns especially in the last twenty odd years. Most Welsh children now have the opportunity to speak and learn Welsh with the Welsh Assembly constantly becoming stronger and making important decisions.

More tourists are coming into Wales to visit our major cities and towns and cannot believe that the beautiful Welsh countryside is so close and accessible to all.

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