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My favorite things about my cities

I absolutely adore the Colorado Springs area. There is so much to do there for all ages, whether you're into hiking, shopping, history, or resort pool-side lounging. All in a fantastically beautiful setting. Growing up I spent a lot of time in nearby Manitou Springs and Cripple Creek, which provide some of the most achingly beautiful scenery in the state.
Denver is such a hotspot for hipster culture, and there is nowhere I'd rather go out to eat than one of the unique neighborhood spots around the city. From ethnic food, to craft breweries, to hip concept restaurants, Denver is a foodie paradise.
Boulder provides a "hippie" vibe but with a distinctly upscale side. There's neverending shopping, a great healthy/local food scene, and a vibrant outdoors community.
Besides the "big three", every little town along the Front Range has its own feel and its own special places that make it home sweet home to the people who live there and a great destination for those who visit.

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