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My favorite things about my cities

Chicago is my kind of town because of our rich culture and the diversity of our neighborhoods. I can answer any question you may have about our ethnic food from Mexican, Polish, Asian, Soul Food, Italian, Irish and many more. Did I mention our world famous deep dish pizza? I can recommend live entertainment including theater performances to concerts. I can assist you with sightseeing and tours including our famous architecture tour by boat or kayak. Enjoy our sports teams including our world champion Chicago Cubs. How about a day at one of our Museums where you will gather history and see the beautiful colors of our different species of fish at the Aquarium. It's a zoo at Lincoln or Brookfield and if you like the ups and downs of roller coasters have we got a wild ride for Great America. For those who like Lake Michigan we can help you with water sports and activities. We also specialize in providing accessible transportation for wheelchairs and tours. What are you waiting for let's go!

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