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My favorite things about my cities

We have the most iconic skyline

Our bars are open until 4am

New York is the home of the musical—which we still do better than anyone else in the world

In the summer, you can see tons of world-class music and performance art without spending a dime

You can eat pretty much anything at any time

The power of our pizza draws in thousands—including former heads of state—to sample both classic and innovative pies

You can see A-list comics for cheap in intimate spaces nearly every night of the week

Other cities often copy projects that started or were perfected here—look at the High Line

The city’s water supply gives New York some of the best-tasting tap water around

we have the most theaters in the world—by a long shot

you can travel the world without leaving the boroughs

New York City is the most recognizable pop-culture reference point

New York is truly a 24-hour city

Countless songwriters created their masterpieces here

You can visit independent shops, high-end designers and legendary department stores in one day

NYC is the media epicenter of the world, with enough room for both staid institutions and innovative publications

We have more culture than anyone could possibly see in one week—maybe even one lifetime

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