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My favorite things about my cities

They offer new and exciting adventures with so much to do, so much to explore and what a great way to see the world in all of it's brilliant colors than to be informed about them by a native! :D Florida is exciting and adventurous so it's so important to know where you are going because there are here, just like several places in the area, people and places that make an average tourist vulnerable to the whims of predators (other than alligators) that would love nothing more than to take advantage of you (and your money). With regards to Chicago, it's a city--welcome to the concrete jungle that I've known all of my life. The back alleys, the jazz clubs, the pizza, the bean, the heights, the lows, the ups, the downs, the subways and driveways and the parkways and highways--it's all a wild adventure as one carves his and her appetites through slices of pizzas as quickly as a cab driver slices through the metropolitan area. Be safe, have fun and keep your eyes open! Lots to see!

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