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My favorite things about my cities

I love exploring Ireland and enjoy blogging about the cities I have explored.

I know which cities are perfect for nights out with your friends or a weekend family break or a romantic week full of beautiful sites.

I enjoy the bars of Dublin that can bring you from a one man band on his guitar with pints of Guinness then two doors down a nightclub with strobe lights and house music.

I love the restaurants in Galway with fresh sea food but also have simple food choices for the fussy children!

I enjoy the water activities and sports available in Athlone. You don't even need the good weather as the city have plenty of areas to rent and buy wetsuits.

The Wild Atlantic Way has to be my favourite areas of Ireland. Full of adventure, wild life, nature and some of the most stunning views around the world.

I would have great knowledge of recommended restaurants, adventure activities, scenic areas and clubs in all the cities listed and can guide you through the best possible routes whether it be by car or by public transport.

I am also interested in the history of certain places and non common activities around the country.

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