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My favorite things about my cities

I am an experience Customer Service Assistant and Advisor living in Ireland for many years. Because I born in Spain I have full knowledge of many different cities around both countries.
I have been working as a Receptionist, guiding tourist around the city giving to them all the information required always informing about the different amenities provided.
I am reliable, mature and responsible.I have multitask abilities and the capacity of working as a part of a team or on my own as I have been responsible of the safety and health conditions in all the positions that I have been working in.
I have excellent customer service skills and the ability to prioritize. I always focus on details with accuracy. I am helpful and self sufficient. I always try to find a solution for everything sorting out any difficult situation.
I am multilingual, I can speak at all levels Spanish English and French. I was working using all the languages at the same time as I have been Supervisor before.
I can give you an historical introduction about the places that you would like to visit informing about the amenities, locals, customs and place to eat out. I have also detail information about the most popular touristic attraction and the best places to stay for accommodation.
All the cities I have been visiting and living have something special to offer that maybe you did not discovered yet but I can help you to take advantage of the city!
Dont hesitate to ask me any further information!Best regard

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