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My favorite things about my cities

Hi there. I have been traveling and touring the world as a performer for the past 20 years covering Europe. North America, South America, The Middle East, Far East, Australia and New Zealand. I love discovering the roots of a city and area and what it has to offer. Ireland is my home country and I work in the culture and heritage sector there. I am also a traditional Irish musician and an avid reader of history and culture with an emphasis on Ireland as its my home country. Food, drink and nightlife are a passion and I can direct the traveller on the right path for tailored planning of your trip within minutes. Whether it be historic or cultural sites in an area, where is the best local place for music, where to get the best pint of Guinness, a cocktail and enjoy late night revelry. Irish music is a passion and skill of mine and I can organize or direct you towards a Traditional music session in the areas that you are traveling through. Accommodation is becoming very accessible all over the world, I will direct you towards the comfortable, more high end areas of a city or to the cheap and cheerful side if that's what you wish. Hit me up, I'm in Ireland and also travel all year round as a performer. I'm sure we can organize a great memorable stay for you, no matter what type of holiday you desire.

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