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My favorite things about my cities

I am a born and bred Chicago native and am still exploring everything my city as to offer! As a hot yoga junkie, passionate Paleo chef, Burning Man attendee, Euro-phile, medical and recreational cannabis supporter, and PANK (Professional Aunt No Kids), I am deep into health and wellness activities, unique culinary adventures, urban hippie awesomesness, international events, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the bestest things to do with kids! My approach to immersing into Chicago avoids anything touristy, crowded, or obvious; rather, I rely on a series of contacts and insights to ensure anyone visiting Chicago enjoys an experience that matches their travel dreams with an emphatic simpatico.

Recent Reviews


“What an awesome gal! She told me everything I needed. Food, Yoga and venues...I am looking forward to my trip to Chicago!?

07-11-2017 13:43:52