5 best social media platforms for business

If you are planning to market your business in social media. You might be asking yourself ” what is the best social media to use to improve and scale business?”

Well, the answer is, it depends, it depends on your business. There is no such thing as the best social media platform but there is one that would be perfect for your business needs.

An online retail store that uses Instagram for social media marketing for example, will likely use different platforms than a B2B company. That’s why it is important to not only know the various social media networks available but also how they function for different audiences and business types.

According to Constant Contact, below are the top 5 social media platforms that you can use for Busines:

LinkedIn – Unlike any other social media platform, LinkedIn focuses on professional networking. It is designed for business professionals to connect and engage. LinkedIn is ideal for business types like B2B companies and Software providers. LinkedIn’s users are promoting their brand through LinkedIn ads and with the use of automation tools like Biglinker.

Facebook – This is the Biggest social media network worldwide. Based on statisca.com, over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020. Facebook is the best place to find customers especially if you are into retail and B2B. Many businesses are using the platform features like Facebook shop, Facebook ads, groups and marketplace to promote their products and services. Automation tools like Hootsuite help these businesses schedule and post on a consistent basis

Instagram – It is a photo and video sharing social media network that is also owned by Facebook. You need to have high quality and eye-catching photos to hook your audience on this platform. This is best for businesses like travel agencies, restaurants and online retailers B2C (Business to Consumer). Sprout social is an automation tool that businesses are using to schedule and automate posts and take the manual labor factor out of the process.

Twitter – It is a microblogging social networking platform that allows users to send and receive short posts called tweets. That being said, it is best for driving traffic website/link clicks and engagement. This is good for business types like retail and media outlets.

Pinterest – It is a social network where people can find inspiration and ideas for their interests and hobbies. Pins can also link back to websites which is great for driving traffic and sales. According to Omnicore, 71% of Pinterest users are actually females. With that being said, it is perfect for business niche types like interior design, fashion and food.

Social media is without a doubt the leading way to drive new business in today’s world.