7 social media tips to keep your brand’s feed up to date

Running a social media campaign and keeping followers up to date can be challenging. Why? It is because it is hard to think of new ideas to posts and deliver new contents on a regular basis.

Most of the marketers are just recycling some of their posts in the past and this is the reason why some followers are losing interest with their brands. With that said, it is really important for businesses to have a ton of ideas in their mind.

 Below are some few tips that you can follow to keep your social media feed up-to date.


  1. Automate connections – Automation tools like BigLinker and Hootsuite can take the manual labor aspect out of the process and add consistency. When it comes to automatically creating targeted connections on LinkedIn and automating follow-up messages BigLinker is the ticket. If you wish to automate and schedule  posts on Facebook and Instagram Hootsuite is the industry leader.
  2. Share and repost – Not all content on your social media feed has to be your own. Promoting other relevant photos or articles that will bring value to your audience is a great content idea. 
  3. Go Live occasionally – Most of the people prefer to watch live videos compared to the recorded ones. As such, it is something that marketers should also do occasionally to connect with their audience — answer questions, provide tips, educate or even announce an upcoming event or promotion.
  4. Post a meme or funny photos – Yes, posting memes will prevent people from getting bored and it is also a great way to keep them engaged. Showing a great sense of humor is one of the best ways to build trust and relationship with your audience.
  5. Ask people to Tag-a-Friend – One of the easiest ways to bring more people on your social media feed. Many well-known brands are using this technique and regularly asking their followers to tag their family and friends on some of their posts.
  6. Create a poll for your audience – Is it effective to build engagement? Yes, it’s just simply because most of the people would like to share their opinions. Many social media platforms have the option to create Polls. It does not always have to be brand or sales-related. It could be any simple question that might interest your audience to answer and engage.
  7. Recognize your customers – Create posts that will highlight your customers. For example, when a customer shared good feedback about your product through messenger, you can screenshot it and post it to your feed and thank him/her. The more you show appreciation to your customers, the more likely they will become loyal and continue supporting your business