80% of professionals say networking is essential to a successful career

According to LinkedIn Newsroom in Q1 2020, 80% of American professionals believe that their career success is heavily related to their ability to network. Further stating that they believe their career can be elevated through networking.

As it turns out they are right. As many as 85% of all jobs are filled as a result of networking one reason is that most of these jobs were never posted. Think about what people are missing by just pounding out resumes on job sites.

On LinkedIn professionals are connecting with colleagues and customers alike. They are able to target the position or industry that they wish to connect with and have the opportunity to meet people that they never would have met in a million years. This ice-cold “lead” becomes as warm as a pair of fuzzy slippers with some simple automated messaging and follow-up. It becomes easy to reach out and speak to people in your network making it easier to get meetings and as a result, sales.

Face to Face networking and marketing has been the preferred way to connect for ages. It makes sense; people get more from a face to face encounter than from just speaking alone. A research study was completed in the 1960s by Dr. Mehrabian where he determined that 93% of all human communication is nonverbal. That means Verbal conversation alone removes 93% of the data. That’s why conventions, professional associations, events and festivals have been so popular among professionals. It also supports the popularity of Zoom and other online video chat sites.

It’s been known for ages that meeting face to face is the most effective way to turn a prospect into a client. While these large events are very effective and remain popular, most people prefer smaller more intimate meetings when they can. Places like Bars, Restaurants and even airplanes tend to be effective meeting places among professionals.

Unfortunately, that has all begun to change. As favorable as face to face meeting and networking is, it has become almost impossible during the pandemic. Professionals have learned to move their networking online using tools like LinkedIn, Zoom and BigLinker. They are connecting online with LinkedIn and automating their message with BigLinker then meeting online with Zoom. The whole process is accomplished without ever leaving one’s home.

While online networking may not ever fully replace face to face networking it has been invaluable during the Pandemic and will remain so from now on.