An explosion of job searches are expected for the next several years

The number of unemployed Americans rose from 6.2million to 14 million in just a few short months as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic according to the Pew Research Center. That’s more than during the entire Great Recession. Some industries were hit harder than others.

Even while under quarantine some businesses were declared to be essential. This saved millions of jobs across the country. Businesses like food services, grocery stores, gas stations, repair shops, health care and law enforcement were still required for people to survive. These jobs and many others deemed essential were spared. Restaurant, hospitality and travel jobs were not so lucky. Thousands of people, ticketing agents, waiters, maids, cooks and countless more were stuck at home with no way to generate income. With Casinos, cruise ships and hotels shut down thousands upon thousands of people who relied on these businesses were strapped. Many of these individuals lived paycheck to pay check and were forced to seek unemployment assistance.

However, as of September 2020, the economy is bouncing back already as the government eases restrictions on businesses in the states. Many of those jobs are coming back, but not all. Those industries worst hit are operating at a fraction of their capacity meaning that while some jobs are back there are just not as many. While the United States unemployment rate peaked in April 2020 at 14.7% as of August 2020 it had already begun to recover dropping to 8.4% according to This is great news but even more people want to get back to work thus creating a highly competitive job market.

Online Job sites like, and LinkedIn are seeing an increase in online resume submissions. This increase is expected to continue for several years as the country begins to resume some semblance of normalcy. In this highly competitive environment some job seekers are getting creative. Some have migrated to freelance sites like or to offer specialized services on their own.

Others have turned to online networking with LinkedIn. People have gotten even more aggressive and automated this process with systems like They are reaching out to specific markets and automatically linking to their resume directly in their messaging. This approach is getting them directly in front of the decision makers and increasing their opportunities.

While the economy has begun to recover there will still be a large number of individuals who are seeking employment for some time to come.