Build your professional network on LinkedIn.

Build your professional network on LinkedIn and influence more people by automating targeted invitations and Follow-up messages using

We LOVE LinkedIn for online networking and lead generation.

LinkedIn is one of the few places where you can be “introduced” to someone that you would never in a million years have had a chance to meet. That introduction gives the user the ability to automatically connect with this person with and take the relationship to a more meaningful engagement. Maybe through email, or phone, either way, the words “we are connected on LinkedIn” are like magic. Seriously, It’s almost like “Abra Kadabra!”  When you say, “Hi Joe, this is Scott, we connected on LinkedIn a little while ago.” Something happens in the brain, it says, we are friends. Let’s hear what they have to say. All the walls drop. It makes sense, LinkedIn is a business platform, it makes sense that your connections would want to reach out and talk about business. Now, it’s just a matter of scale.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your free LinkedIn profile.

  •       Automate it
  •       Connect in the real world
  •       Reconnect after

Automate it.

In the last paragraph we mentioned scale. Let’s face it, to do this manually every day is a daunting task. To send any number, like say 50 targeted invitations to connect, 45 post connection messages, 38 follow-up messages and still withdraw old connection requests each day. When do you have the time to legitimately create a meaningful connection or even do business for that matter? This is why automation tools like become invaluable. They will remove the rote manual labor portion of your connections and messages by automating these simple tasks. This allows the user to spend the time making more significant connections on the platform.

 Connect in the real.

When we speak of “more significant connections” we are basically referring to actually reaching out to an individual in real time. In the world today phone calls or Zoom meetings are the predominant method. Emails work as well but nothing takes the place of talking with someone. Now that you have made the connection, identify high value targets and reach out. Don’t just sit back and expect them to come to you because for the most part, it ain’t gonna happen.

 Reconnect after

Once you have connected, leverage the opportunity to reach back out. While the first time you spoke with your connection they may have no need for your service. As time moves on things change, reach out periodically and inquire as to their current needs and wants.

 LinkedIn is a great tool to build your network. Nurture it properly and it will bear fruit, no question.