LinkedIn – The New Look

LinkedIn unveiled its new look and some additions to its platform in September of this year. People can now post stories, search jobs and available courses easily; they can also edit or delete a sent message. The goal is to make the LinkedIn experience easy, enjoyable and as safe as possible.

Just like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn users can now share photos and videos through LinkedIn stories. Cool and exciting, right? Have you already thought of your first story post?  This new feature will be a great advantage for businesses and sales people as they will be able to reach a larger audience. LinkedIn Stories will be available in all regions soon but for now, it will only be accessible for Canadian and US users only. Will people start to share personal stuff like selfies of the day and funny cat videos now on LinkedIn? I guess we will find out soon.

Aside from the Stories, LinkedIn has also updated its search process. This will be very helpful to job seekers as they will be able to find jobs and available learning opportunities easily. Search can also be automated to target a specific audience and grow your network and generate leads with new automation tools like

“Before, search was about finding people or jobs but now, you’ll have one blended search experience to easily find jobs, people, courses, groups, content and more. For example, if you’re searching for “Java,” you’ll see what’s new to learn, jobs that are being hired for, relevant groups to join so you can connect with others who have a passion for Java.”

Video meetings can now be done via LinkedIn messages. This feature is available to all users including those who are using messaging automation tools like Biglinker.

Also, users can now delete or edit sent messages just like other social media platforms. 

LinkedIn said: “Two years ago, our brand evolved to better reflect LinkedIn’s community of members and organizations that come together to help, support, and inspire one another. Now, we’re bringing the next chapter of this brand evolution to life across our platform with an entirely new look and feel that embodies our diverse, inclusive, warm and welcoming community.”

The new design and user experience will surely help improve communication in the platform. Its fresh look will definitely give excitement to all users worldwide. LinkedIn has already started rolling this out this week so if it’s not yet available on your end, just wait for it…