Pivoting – How businesses began to adapt as a result of a pandemic

By the second quarter of 2020 the world had changed for everyone, everywhere. The spread of COVID-19 caused business to shut down, people to isolate and fear to spread. As things started to reopen, businesses of all kinds had to adapt and change to the new world that they found when they stepped out of their isolated spaces.

Industries of all sorts were faced with unique challenges to each. How it affected the restaurant industry is different from how it would affect a law firm. How it affected the hotel industry is different from how it affected the real estate industry. Every business had to learn to change and address their special circumstances.

All public places of business were forced to implement radically different and vigorous cleaning practices than they had in place in the past. Hand sanitizers were available at almost every corner. Seats, tables, dentist chairs were all sanitized after each use. Deep cleaning of offices and office buildings became an everyday occurrence, all of which came at a cost.

Restaurants that once were packed to capacity were operating pickup and delivery services. The staff was garbed in masks and shields and tables were spread a part or marked off to create social distancing.

Doctors, dentists and the medical industry at large were seeing fewer patients both due to space limitations and to general public concern about going out unnecessarily. Many have added telehealth to their practice with great success. Some have even altered their model to be purely virtual.

Professionals have learned to network and generate new business online using sites like LinkedIn. Several have leveraged online automation tools like BigLinker.com to create connections and automate their messaging on LinkedIn allowing them to actually increase their year over year revenue.  

Companies that once occupied Tens of thousands of square feet of office space began reassessing that need. Many started alternating days for employees to work from home while freeing up half their space requirements in some cases. Considering that usually the two biggest costs to a company are talent and real estate. This strategy offered a huge potential savings.

Businesses and professionals everywhere began pivoting and learning how to continue to do business in a whole new world. Some even found ways to profit from their lessons in spite of it all.

These good hardworking people are a testament to how resilient the human spirit can be when challenged.