Social Media usage booms due to the coronavirus

Between late March and early May 2020 in the United States social media platforms experienced an unexpected boom. According to The Harris Poll, between 46% and 51% of adult users in the US were using social media more than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic. People aged from 35 to 49 had increased their social media use as much as 64% on average

Social media has been part of our daily lives, even before the pandemic. Once the pandemic hit it became more relevant to people the world over. One obvious reason is that people were stuck at home with time on their hands and looking for a distraction. Social media allowed people to connect with family and friends, mitigating the feel of isolation. Human beings are social creatures. If you take away our ability to participate in the social network and community it can be psychologically detrimental. 

Social media platforms have helped us avoid depression while we are isolated from other people during the pandemic. Facebook allows us to express opinions by being able to post comments and like posts, Instagram keeps us updated with the activities of our favorite celebrities and personalities, Twitter gives us the opportunity to follow our favorite celebrities and political figures, YouTube provide videos with entertainment and educational value, LinkedIn allows us to connect with professionals and learn new skills while we are at home and of course, TikTok allows us to share our talents in dancing, singing and other entertaining contents and now advertising as a result of its popularity.

Social Media plays a vital role in the midst of this crisis. It keeps us up-to-date with the news and latest information. Throughout the lockdown period, it gave us relevant updates about the total number COVID-19 cases, countries’ response against COVID-19, preventive measures for COVID-19, state of the economy etc. However, it could also be a source of fake news which causes misinformation and sometimes, panic. We all just need to make sure that we are getting information from credible sources and crosscheck it as needed.

Businesses were also able to maximize the use of social media. Two of the most popular platforms that are being used by entrepreneurs are Facebook and LinkedIn. On Facebook, what they do is just drive traffic to their Facebook page and website by running ads and posting products to the Facebook marketplace. On LinkedIn, they connect with other professionals like business owners, CEO and managers to promote their products and services. These two social media platforms are often accelerated with the use of messaging platforms such as ManyChat and Biglinker for the convenience of their entrepreneur users. 

As a society people have learned to rely on social media, now more than ever, to get that social dynamic that human beings crave.