The hunt for business and how it has changed in a few short months

On Friday, March 13, 2020, Owen Fischer was scheduled to attend a large international business conference at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Then it happened, the government began discussing a shut down due to the Coronavirus. Considering this was an International conference and taking place in Port Everglades, the COVID-19 case capital of South Florida at the time, he promptly turned the car around and headed home. The whole way home one thought was on his mind. How am I going to drive business now?

Doing business once had rhythm. Go to this conference, attend that networking lunch, meet this prospect at his office or present a seminar to educate potential clients and so on.  

All that changed almost overnight. For professionals that relied on the meet and greet to generate business or companies whose whole business was based on being present at the latest conference. Everything went topsy-turvy.

What now?

Well you know what they say, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

Boy, did it become necessary. Change was just around the corner.

Like Fischer, people from all over were asking the same question.

Professionals from all types of businesses started to seek alternative options to the world of conferences and meetings that they once knew and began to embrace technology in an unprecedented way. LinkedIn became THE place to be in place of conferences and meetings People started to dust off their profiles and polish up their messaging strategies. They began to connect with their peers and prospects alike all online. They started to expedite the process and grow their network and center of influence with targeted connections and messaging by leveraging automation tools like and realized that it was easier to connect with people on this platform than it was ever to at a conference. For many, LinkedIn went from a business tool that did not receive much attention throughout the work week to a tool that gets used all day long.

The rhythm of business and where it is sourced has changed. What was once totally reliant on in person meetings has changed to rely on technology in the virtual space. Connections are being made online; our message is being relayed across multiple online platforms. Meetings are happening online with tools like Zoom. Even TV news and reports have moved from an in studio platform to online. Sales of goods and services have moved overwhelmingly online. At the time of this writing Amazon announced that it was hiring 100,000 people to keep up with the increased demand that has resulted from the COVID-19 crisis.  

In short, while things have changed, business continues and life goes on.