This discounted LinkedIn automation tool can help grow your network and generate leads

BigLinker, the leading LinkedIn automation tool recently announced that it would extend its discounted price through the end of the year. If you have been wondering how to grow your network and generate leads on LinkedIn now is the time to try it out. BigLinker went on to say the discounted price will remain the same for as long as a subscriber remains using the system. They even are offering a 7-day free trial.   You have almost nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You may ask what does BigLinker do and why would I want to try it?

First BigLinker automates your LinkedIn profiles outbound targeted invitation requests and then automates all the follow-up messaging. It will also collect your connections contact information and put it on a convenient CSV file for use with any CRM you like. Think of it as a virtual assistant to take the manual labor of connecting and messaging off your shoulders. Not only is it like a virtual assistant but it is the best assistant you have ever had. Why? Well, Biglinker shows up every day, it never complains, It does the job, and it’s the least expensive assistant you have ever had.

Why would you want to try it?


BigLinker is ideal for professionals who are growing their business. It helps save time by taking the manual labor portion out of prospecting. Let’s face it, work smarter, not harder. This is a tool designed for just that mission. Doing so allows you to accomplish more in less time  


By automating the repeated manual tasks you can simply accomplish more. Further, how often could you sit there all day connecting and messaging, at some point you probably need to actually DO the business. Automation is consistent; it works every day doing the task that you have instructed. Consistency will inevitably improve your production. If you have an assistant doing this every day your connection numbers are bound to increase dramatically.


What is your time worth?

Where is your time best spent?

Automation will free up your most valuable commodity, time. Doing so saves you money in the long run. Further automation is much less expensive than a human assistant, virtual or otherwise.


If you are stuck at a computer terminal, clicking connect, writing messages and clicking send building spreadsheets and so on. How much time do you have to dedicate to your clients experience? Automation frees you up to spend your time when it is most valuable, and that’s with your clients.

If you have been sitting on the fence about using automation it’s time to hop off and invest in yourself and your business. It’s really a no-brainer.