Tips to work from home more effectively

Lots of people all over the world are working from home due to the pandemic. Workers find it more convenient as it saves time, effort and money. No need to wake up early, no long commutes that make them exhausted and burnout. Entrepreneurs also save operational costs because they do not need to purchase office supplies, snacks and pay for office space. Working from home can also help in stopping the spread of the virus as it limits the movement of people.

On the flip side, for some, working remotely can be challenging. One of the biggest issues is the limited ability to connect with people personally, face to face. That distance means that people are less able to convey emotion and this sometimes leads to miscommunication and/or misunderstanding. It also affects a person’s mental health because of the feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Another factor that can be troubling is separating work life from home life. When working from home it is very easy to get distracted. Whether it’s your kid running around and talking loudly or your spouse that comes in to talk, household duties that need to be done or noise from your neighborhood. 

Here are some tips that could help you work from home more effectively:

Stay connected with people

Stay connected with your team members, colleagues and other professionals using communication platforms like zoom, hangouts etc. If you are a salesperson or a business owner, It is also best to check your clients on how they are doing once in a while to keep them warm. Some businesses are using automation tools to send messages in bulk like Mailchimp, Biglinker and Hubspot to save time.

Take a bath 

Yes, sounds funny right? Most of the people who are working at home tend to skip this. Are you one of those people? LOL. Taking a bath prior to working will make you feel fresh which will help you to become ready for the day. It also improves your productivity and you may have to take fewer sick days as many studies have shown that taking a bath also boosts your immune system.

Dress appropriately

’m working at home, why should I worry about what I’m going to wear? Yes, it is really comfortable to wear pajamas or your favorite boxer shorts while on a Zoom meeting but just like taking a bath, dressing properly with a business casual attire will make you feel productive and energetic.

Maintain a regular routine and schedule

Avoid distractions like browsing, using social media and doing non-work related stuff. Adhere to your schedule so you can finish your job on time and deliver positive outputs.

Take breaks regularly

It is important to take regular breaks and rest your brain when working at home. This will allow you to recover from stress and get you back on track.

Maintain a good working environment

This is one of the most overlooked when it comes to working at home. A good working environment will make you feel motivated and comfortable which will help you to deliver good results on your job or business.

Just like anything in life, there are two sides to every coin. If you plan your work and work your plan, working from home can be very productive. Stay disciplined and you will be rewarded.