Virtual selling – Why LinkedIn is the answer?

United States – Anita Nielsen, LinkedIn President, LDC Advisory services said “I think LinkedIn is being used significantly more than it was prior to the quarantine. LinkedIn is a powerful platform for connecting with others, something that people are hungry for. Additionally, I think more people — savvy sales professionals, in particular — are using LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning as a means to help them grow and develop their skills.”

Businesses across the globe have been forced to adapt and learn to transition to the virtual world. This has proven to be beneficial regardless of what side of the table you are on. Businesses and sales people can target a larger or specific audience to promote their products and services. This is a dramatic advantage when compared with traditional selling which has a broader scope and is more labor intensive.

Platforms of all types were being discovered for the first time by many. People started to experiment with systems like Mail Chimp, Alignable, LinkedIn, and Facebook that had never before considered these platforms for sales. Each has its value. When targeting Business to customer (B2C)  Facebook stands out as the leader online. Alignable is excellent when looking to network on a smaller scale and start conversations with other professionals. Mail Chimp is excellent for staying top of mind with your existing database. But for Business to Business (B2B) LinkedIn stands out as the leader.  

Big and small companies especially those who offer Business to Business (B2B) services prefer to use LinkedIn over other social networking sites since it allows them to connect with the decision makers like Business Owners, CEOs, Vice Presidents (VPs), marketing officers etc.
Professionals are connecting to their desired market, and then they are messaging them on LinkedIn or communicating with them by email. In many cases just pick up the phone and call their new connections.

Interestingly, virtual selling is not just for businesses. These same concepts can be applied to individuals who are seeking job opportunities. Let’s face it when people are applying for a job, they also sell themselves, aren’t they? Job seekers can leverage LinkedIn in their search for employment in many ways. The most effective is a proactive approach. Let’s say you are a new accountant looking for a position with an accounting firm. You could target CPA’s in your desired area and automate invitation requests to go out. Once connected you could automatically send a thank you for connecting message with tools like and attach your resume with an additional message saying that you are newly licensed and seeking employment in an accounting firm, if you have or know of someone who has an opening I would welcome a conversation.  In this competitive employment environment it helps to know how to sell yourself.

 So whether you are a business professional or even seeking a job, you can see how and why Virtual selling on LinkedIn is so productive.





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